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In the context of software engineering, software quality measures the quality of design or how well software is designed, and quality of conformance or how well the software conforms to that design. While quality of conformance is concerned with implementation, quality of design measures how valid the design and requirements are in creating a worthwhile product.
According to the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA, (perhaps the world's most quality-conscious organizations), Software Quality Assurance or SQA is defined as a planned and systematic approach to the evaluation of the quality of and adherence to software product standards, processes, and procedures. SQA includes the process of assuring that standards and procedures are established and are followed throughout the software acquisition life cycle.
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At ETNL, quality control is paramount and is an integral part of software development process. Our team has adopted the best-practices in SQA as stipulated to by NASA in letter and spirit right from incorporation, regardless of the stature of the client. In today's dynamically evolving global village, quality of product/service is perhaps the most important trait that wins a company an undisputed edge over competition -- and over the years, ETNL has built up a rock-solid reputation as a hallmark for quality not only amongst our clientele but also industry peers.